Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chair’s Message - May 15, 2011

Brian Giannini
The Cactus IFT Section is building momentum and delivering educational and networking opportunities to help food industry professionals stay up to date with an ever-changing environment.

The Cactus IFT section has a very active Board consisting of nine members who have a variety of expertise in the food industry. We are growing our membership and would truly appreciate your participation.

In December, food safety pioneer Gale Prince presented to our group on recalls and touched on the Food Modernization Law. In March, Erin Carter from the IFT National Office presented on the benefits of being an IFT member. Gale Prince also revisited us via WebEx during the March meeting to update the attendees on how the Food Modernization Law will affect your company and your job.

On May 18th, we are holding another great dinner meeting event at the Fiesta Resort in Tempe. Ken Baseman, Ph.D.,  is an innovative manager with a background in Food Processing, Product Development and Quality Assurance. Ken will discuss how the role of sensory evaluation is integral in the development of new products in the food industry. 
Membership in the Cactus IFT section is only $10. If you know of anyone who is interested in joining please have them contact our membership chair Lynn Abarr-Boubelik, her contact information is listed on Page 6 in this newsletter.

We are committed to building our section and getting more food industry professionals to be involved with our section.  Please help us grow our section by distributing this newsletter to your colleagues and encourage them to participate. It’s a great networking opportunity especially in these tough economic times.

Please join us on May 18th for our next meeting and help us help you grow your network of food industry professionals.

— Brian Giannini, Cactus IFT Section President

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