Monday, December 5, 2011

Chair's Message - Nov-Jan newsletter

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s a hectic but fun-filled time of shopping, travel and family gatherings with most all of it involving… food!

And what better way to enjoy food than with a glass of a wine, right?

Your Cactus Section is excited to be hosting a special wine tasting on December 6th, presented by the experts at E&J Gallo. Marie Shubin, Director of Consumer Affairs and Jennifer Jo Wiseman, VP Consumer and Product Insights are coming to us all the way from Modesto, CA and will be talking about the science, nature and art of winemaking with a presentation specially directed at our unique group of food science professionals.

In addition to the wine tasting experts, Sharon Kneebone and Anna Kakos from the national IFT office are visiting to share with us the many benefits of IFT membership. Their visit comes soon after we were featured as the Section of the Month for October, so we’re excited to hear and talk about how we can continue to make the most of our membership.

Looking ahead for the coming year, your Board is working to create more opportunities for us to get together, network and share information about our profession. We’re planning to host several events revolving around a diverse set of topics, and to continue to reach out to local professional and academic groups that we can collaborate with. So if you have any ideas or areas of interest to include in the discussion, be sure to let us know!

Meanwhile, stay tuned for what looks to be a great 2012 for the Cactus Section. Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season and a Wonderful New Year!

— Tony DeCastro, Cactus IFT Section Chair